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Bake & Shape Cake Baking Mould

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Do you get tired of your cake baking sticking or having the wrong shaped tin for what you need to do? Well no more this will solve your problems. Not only is it a cake tin with no bottom you can make so many shapes only limited by your imagination. Simply make your shape on a foil lined tray, pour in your cake batter and watch the magic happen, hey presto your very own shaped cake. I know it sounds crazy, but the pillars and interlocking panels prevent leakage and retain the shape while its in the oven. The sides peel off easily after baking without sticking and there you have your cake ready for decorating. NO MORE sticking & breaking, you're going to have fun with this. The set includes 4 interconnecting pieces and is made with Food grade silicone. Please allow 2- 4 weeks for delivery.