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Ombre Hair Extensions

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So you've decided to go for hair extensions, now you need to decide which ones. Do you go for clip-in hair extensions, sewn-in or glued in? One of the most common questions we are asked is, ‘Will the extensions damage my hair?’ The answer to that is no! Unlike sewn in and glued in hair extensions, the benefits of clip in hair extensions is that they don’t cause thinning or breakage to your hair as they don’t pull on the hair as much. Clip in hair extensions are beautiful because they’re 100% non-committal. Clip in hair extensions give you the option to change your look in an instant. Want a longer ponytail? Want to go from a daytime to a nighttime look? Clip in hair extensions are a fantastic option for changing your look on the fly. The most obvious benefit of clip in hair extensions is the gorgeous length it gives your hair and you can do them yourself they are so easy. These are usually twice this price at least, won't last at this price.