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Pony tail - Hair Extension

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Are you considering buying a hair extension, but not sure if it's worth taking the plunge. Apart from the fact that it's a bit of fun, there are other reasons to give it a go too. Everyone knows they're great for volume and length - that's no surprise. But have you ever asked yourself: “Why won’t my hair grow past a certain point?” well this is the opportunity to try that length you're aiming for while you're waiting. Its also a great way to try colour without committing. If you suffer from hair loss or thinning hair, it can lift your confidence. It can help you achieve that extra volume you are always working on without use of products and it can make a braid thicker and more interesting. One of the best things about our hair extensions is that they cause absolutely no damage to your hair whatsoever. The clip is easy to use and stays attached firmly, It comes in a beautiful range of colours and at a very reasonable price, go for it have a bit of fun. You don't have to wake up early to do this just clip and go.
This pony tail measures 24inches or 60cm