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Reuseable Coffee Cup - with a difference

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Why change to a reusable coffee cup? Disposable coffee cups are a consistent contributor to landfill. They commonly amount to over 20% of waste, a disturbing figure and one that can be significantly lowered with a little work from us. Another element that we don’t often consider with disposable items is the resources that go into their production. When comparing disposable cups to reusable cups, we also have to consider the materials used, the energy that goes into manufacturing and into transporting cups to the store (and to landfill). If you’re going to make the switch, don’t do it out of guilt or any other pressure. Make the switch for yourself, to bring about a positive change to your lifestyle and the environment. This unusual cup will add something to that resolve it is a stand out design and easily portable with 2 different handles and a stand for your desk. So if you're looking for a statement mug that will add a positive spin to your decision to change this is the one.It has been proven that any reusable coffee cup that is going to replace disposable cups in your life must be convenient and have a style that you like. You will need to like the look and feel of your new mug, and it needs to be easy to clean and transport. You don’t want to spend too long washing up after finishing your coffee at home or the office, nor do you want a heavy,cumbersome cup to carry round wherever you go. In other words, you need to have an attachment to your reusable cup and this one ticks all the boxes.